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A Multi-Talented Free Spirit - Natural Born Star

One thing about Journey is she gone spit the truth! The Self-proclaimed Hyphy Princess was born and raised in East Oakland, California. Her versatile bars and unlimited flows can reach different audiences within the Hip-hop community. JourneyBthaReason style is based upon her mood, which influences how she writes, what she wears and how she performs. She can turn up with tremendous energy or she can be more on the mellow side with a soothing vibe. She is a true music artist that is passionate about music and the evolution of Hip-Hop.

JourneyBthaReason is determined to bring back real bars in the face of this new style of rap evolving. She has been making music since 2014, however, she began pushing her brand in 2018. Not only is Journey a talented writer and performer, she is an amazing dancer which is her first love. Journey came to conquer the game and she will continue to prove her skills every chance she gets. 

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